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December 28 Birthday Horoscope

Were you born on the 28th of December? Do you want to know what your birthday personality predicts, according to your zodiac sign?

This article unveils the horoscope personality of individuals born on December 28.

  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Greek Name: Aegokerus
  • Astrological Symbol: Sign of the Goat
  • Sign Element: Earth
  • Planetary Influence: Saturn
  • Motto: “I Use” “I Utilize”

December 28 Birthday Horoscope- Sign Personality

Being a Capricorn born on December 28th,

Some of your finest admired qualities are your trustworthy, mature, and ambitious nature.

They are genuine, loving, and honest individuals.

December 28 Capricorns are independent and resourceful

It’s their confidence that attracts others.

Like a true Capricorn,

you’re a highly sought-after friend and companion,

because of your ability to keep composure in any situation.

Giving up is not an option for a Capricorn born on this day,

people admire this a lot most especially, your family members.

You create a unique style all on your own.

Self-possessed and intelligent,

you portray great social skills,

including the ability to make anyone feel really comfortable whenever they are around you.

December 28 Capricorns enjoy performing everyday tasks,

believing it is through the minor events that character is formed and tested.

They generally have a majestic outlook,

this helps them command authority wherever they step in!

Like a true Capricorn,

you often can’t stand dishonesty or childish drama.

You love mutual transparency.

You like the quiet and comfortable space;

this helps you to keep your heads up in achieving a goal.

You tend to be loyal and dependable, professionally, and personally.

People can close their eyes and trust you!


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Famous Capricorns Born On December 28:

  • Stan Lee [Author]
  • Robin McGraw [Author]
  • Denzel Washington [Actor]
  • Joe Manganiello [Actor]
  • John Legend [Singer]
  • Florrie [Singer]
  • Maggie Smith [Actress]
  • Nichelle Nichols [Actress]
  • Selvin Monroe [Model]
  • Rio Summers [Model]
  • Rata Tata [Entreprenuer]
  • Robert Pittman [Entreprenuer]
  • Rob Stewart [Director]
  • Paul Hoem [Director]
  • Tim johnson [Politician]
  • Ana Navarro [Politician]
  • Martin Kaymer [Golfer]
  • Wayne Kooper [fashion Designer]
  • Eloy Morales [Artists]
  • Vladimir Tatlin [Artists]
  • Quackity [Web Star]
  • Kaylyn Slevin [Dancer]
  • Seth Meyers [Tv Show Host]
  • Don Francisco [Tv Show Host]
  • Dolores Catania [Reality Star]
  • Marcos Alonso Mendoza [Soccer player]
  • James Foley [Director]
  • David Moss [Hockey Player]
  • Wondagurl [Producer]
  • James Blake [Tennis PLayer]
  • Elizabeth Jordan Carr [Journalist]

Saturn- Planetary Influence

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn in the Zodiac.

In classical Roman mythology,

Saturn is the god of seeds, crops, and harvest (agriculture).

founder of modern civilizations and social order.

Astrologically speaking,

Saturn is associated with focus, precision, nobility, ethics, civility, lofty goals, career,

Great achievements, dedication, authority figures, stability, virtues, productiveness,

Structures, protective roles, balance, conservation,

Valuable hard lessons learned, and

karma (reaping what you have sown or cosmic justice)

Saturn is the planet of control, discipline, and determination.

When paired with ambition.

Your creativity will take you far in life,

as you have the determination and mind power to solve any problem.


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