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Professional Birth Chart Reading with extensive explanation

Receive a personalized Birth Chart Reading that provides a clear picture of the unique celestial and planet positions of the moment you were born.

This interactive Birth Chart reveals your strengths, tells your opportunities for soul growth, the best timing for your most important moves, what you need in this life and much more.

Sample of a Natal Chart

A beautiful story with you as the main character

Calculating your Birth Chart is just the beginning. All you need is the time, date, and place of birth. After this, the real work begins: interpreting the positions of the planets in correlation to each other.

In this intense session, we’ll take you on a journey of discovery through the universe based on your personal Birth Chart. We explain how the energies of the individual planets affect you. Their different strengths and influences are discussed in detail.

The Planets

When you think of your sign, you’re thinking of your Sun sign—aka where the Sun was when you were born. But your birth chart also shows the position of the Moon and the planets when you were born, and each of these signs also reveals something about yourself.

This is where you shine the brightest in your life. This is basically what you want to be when you “grow up.” Understanding which house this is placed in can clear up many of your life path and career questions.

Your reactions, emotional needs, and comfort zone are all lunar energy. If you don’t feel like your Sun sign, look to your Moon sign. It describes what you need to feel nurtured. P.S. If you were born before sunrise, you have something called a “night chart” and you may resonate more with your Moon sign.

Your mind, thoughts, and communication style are associated with the planet Mercury. This sign reveals how you express yourself, and it can give you the self-awareness to learn from and interact with others.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and romance. Its position in your birth chart indicates how you give and fall in love—no surprise it’s many people’s favourite planet! Venus also describes what you need to feel joyful and happy in your romantic relationships and trysts plus your relationship with money.

Yup, you guessed it—on the opposite end of love, you have your sex drive. Mars is the ruler of attraction, sexual appetite, and how you take action. Want to know what turns you on? Check out your Mars!

Stability, structure, lessons, and discipline: Saturn sounds like all work and no play, but there is a bright side. Saturn can show you where in your life you can reap rewards through steady and solid work. It can also represent stability in relationships.

The planet of growth and abundance means exactly that! Jupiter’s place in your chart indicates where and how you can experience abundance in your life. Essentially, it’s your cosmic pot of gold.

Say it with me: “Ur-ay-nus.” Regardless of how you say it, this unique planet is the only one in the galaxy that spins on its side! It’s all about new technologies, innovation, and society. Your Uranus sign describes if and how you can embrace the unconventional side of life.

Spirituality, healing, and creativity are all Neptunian themes. This planet can add a dash of Hollywood fantasy or an escape from reality. If you have your Sun or Moon near this planet, creating your own dream world on Earth may come naturally to you!

Pluto indicates where you can experience tremendous growth. Seeing Pluto can stress an astrologer out, but don’t be afraid of change! Transformation is good and we cannot evolve in life without it

The Houses

As you look at your chart, you will notice a circle broken into 12 small sections with zodiac symbols and interconnecting lines. We’ll walk you through these 12 sections called the 12 houses. Each house is ruled by a zodiac sign and planet, although they likely don’t match up in your own chart. The houses explain which area of life a planet’s energy will manifest for you, whether it’s your identity, career, love or relationships. For example, the 1st house is ruled by Mars and Aries, representing your personal drive and identity. Regardless of whether you are a Leo or Gemini Rising, this house explains your unique personality and why certain experiences happen to you.

Ruled by Mars and the fire sign Aries, this is the house of your identity and personality. It’s also the location of your ascendant or rising sign, a notorious hot spot in your chart. Your 1st house and Rising sign represent how you show up and present yourself to the world. This is an area to pay attention to when you want to understand personal changes coming your way.

Want to see if a raise is on the horizon or dollars are in your bank account? Look at the 2nd house. Ruled by Venus and earthy Taurus, your earned income and self-worth are closely tied together here. Understanding the energy of this house can motivate you to lean in and ask for the coin you deserve!

Communication and short-distance travel are highlighted here, so naturally, buzzy Mercury and Gemini rule this house. Your 3rd house can explain relationships with your siblings, how you relate to your neighbours and the ways you communicate with others.

Your emotional foundation and family life are in this extremely personal house. Ruled by the nurturing water sign Cancer and the Moon, this house can explain events in the home. Feeling a move coming on? This is a great place to look to understand the type of environment you thrive in.

Indulgent Venus is the 5th house, but it’s technically ruled by the Sun and Leo, due to the playful and creative nature of this house. This area of your chart shows how you want to flirt, be romanced, and have fun. For example, when you experience a Venus transit—aka when Venus moves through your Sun sign—you could go on a passionate date or start a steamy fling.

This house represents your daily grind, health routine, and work. It’s ruled by Virgo (no surprise here) and Mercury. Understanding this area of your chart can help you navigate if a desk job is more your speed or if you’re a free-spirited entrepreneur.

Venus is the ruler of this house, and it’s associated with the sign Libra. Your relationships, both love and business, live in this house…now this is where it gets juicy! This area of your chart represents marriage and long-term partnerships.

Welcome to Scorpio’s domain. This is the house of Pluto and, yes, it can get intense. It rules sex and mystical practices like tarot, astrology, and magic. This is a place in your chart where the most transformation and growth occurs. If you have planets in your 8th house, you notice massive changes in your life more often than others.

This is the home of lucky Jupiter and optimistic Sagittarius. Wisdom, philosophy, and travel fall in this house. Your 9th house can describe if you prefer to learn from life experience or take the standard university route.

Career, prestige, and your public appearance are ruled by the 10th house, and naturally, Saturn and Capricorn are in charge. To understand the best career for you or why you’ve made certain decisions, look at your 10th house.

Social groups, friends, and your network are in this house. Ruled by Uranus and air sign Aquarius, the 11th house describes what type of connections you bring and how you mesh with the society around you.

This is the house of the unseen! This area of your chart is ruled by the dreamy planet Neptune and watery Pisces and is extremely intuitive. You may not have any planets in this house, but if you do, there is a mystical element to their energetic expression.

These energies are the beginning to uncovering your life path, emotional needs, what turns you on, and how you love. Nothing is more important than understanding yourself!